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Contex today announces the IQ Quattro, a wide format scanner designed to improve workgroup productivity by reducing the time spent on scanning tasks. Smarter than any other wide format scanner, the IQ Quattro is Gigabit Ethernet networked with xDTR2 and is the market’s only cloud-enabled wide format scanner. Workgroup users can specify local or cloud-based destinations for scans using smartphones, tablets, and other devices for instant collaboration.

The IQ Quattro boasts a sleek design and a top scanning speed of 14 inches per second for color or monochrome documents - just 3.5 seconds for A0 / E-size color documents. 

Better than any competitive solution, the IQ Quattro also features Contex’s unique CleanScan CIS module, which gives workgroup users the details they need the first time for optimal productivity and efficiency. The IQ Quattro achieves this with dual-side LED light and ground-breaking methods for light diffusion, shadows, and unwanted background. By suppressing shadows and unwanted background, the IQ Quattro produces crisp, sharp, and natural scans. The IQ Quattro is available in 24- and 44-inch models from authorized distributors and resellers worldwide.

Bringing project groups closer together
“We spend a lot of time with customers, and it is great to bring solutions to the market designed with their specific needs in mind,” comments Morten Nielsen, Marketing Director, Contex A/S. “The IQ Quattro is uniquely designed for sharing in an office and bringing project groups together through cloud collaboration.”

The IQ Quattro is Contex’s 4th-generation CIS scanner. It contains proven technology from Contex’s CCD range and CIS technology, refined to match customers’ requirements for quality, speed, and ease of use. The scanner’s new magnetic document guides make loading long documents easier and more precise, and detachable return guides simplify document handling.

A seamless part of a work-group’s day-to-day operation
 Nielsen comments, “The new technology provides users with sharp and natural scans. It eliminates wrinkles and folds in originals and produces clear, crisp scans – every time. And the smart ways of sharing with project teams at other sites make collaborating on large plans and documents a seamless part of a workgroup’s day-to-day operation.”

Exclusive to Contex wide format scanners, the IQ Quattro is PageDrop-enabled for cloud computing. Users simply load a document, scan the QR code, and the web-app will send the scanned image to the desired location: email, DropBox, HP ePRint, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, or Box.com.

Contex’s Gigabit Network also comes standard with all IQ Quattro models. The fast network avoids bottlenecks by supporting speeds of up to 80 MB/sec. The scanner can be networked with an entire workgroup, and one-touch buttons can send scans to users’ desired locations. With its quick, 1-second start from standby mode, the IQ Quattro makes it easy to be productive with scanning projects. More efficient than Energy Star requirements, the IQ Quattro is uses only 0.5W in standby mode.

 The IQ Quattro is available as a stand-alone scanner or bundled in the following options:

  • IQ Quattro ScanStation is ideal for high productivity use. It includes the scanner, an intuitive touchscreen, Nextimage Repro’s powerful software features, and a height-adjustable stand with the option to operate the screen from left or right.
  • IQ Quattro MFP2GO is an easy plug-and-play solution that turns a printer into a copier. It includes the scanner, MFP2GO controller, and a low or high stand.
  • IQ Quattro MFP Repro can turn all new or existing printers into powerful copiers. It includes the scanner, intuitive Nextimage Repro software, and a low or high stand.