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IRONCAD COMPOSE - Communicate-Collaborate-Configure-Anywhere

IRONCAD COMPOSE™ is a valuable tool for communicating 3D design concepts. The download is free to everyone; from designers wishing to share their designs to a sales person presenting their products at the point of sale. Everyone in your team can read data from any CAD system, interrogate the geometry, add their commentary, configure new assemblies, and create real-time renderings and animations.

IRONCAD COMPOSE is more than just a free viewer, it is a revolutionary new way to communicate and develop concepts. It allows everyone to leverage 3D content from anywhere; including company parts catalogs, content suppliers and even general 3D web content. IRONCAD COMPOSE lets you manipulate models and assemblies in real-time which can dramatically reduce your time-to-market.



Company Value Individual Value
Increase Profitability Understand Products using 3D
Increase Customer Retention Examine Product Alternatives
Improve Product Quality Extract Valuable Information 
Simplify Sales Cycle Communicate and Collaborate 
Reduce Development Costs Share Designs Anywhere



Schnaithmann GmbH uses IRONCAD COMPOSE to create and configure products directly from an online parts catalogue. By enabling resellers to construct solutions face-to-face and in real-time, clients have a direct influence on product development. As a result, they take ownership of it as if it was their own design. This speeds up the sales process and makes it much easier. 

Skyline Exhibits dealers use IronCAD’s solutions to design exciting exhibit layouts. Skyline’s usage of IronCAD’s Design Collaboration Suite produces consistent design results, simplifies sales and minimizes design effort throughout the enterprise. Streamlined communication allows better and faster understanding! Plus, Skyline can use the finished designs in production to automatically generate material lists and assembly drawings.  



In today’s consumer society, companies must respond quickly to supply chain and product changes. IRONCAD COMPOSE helps you deliver better products that are uniquely suited to your customer’s needs. This improved communication forges a better relationship between you and your customer. 






  • Import IronCAD files and other industry standard and native CAD files.
  • Import facet formats such as STL, VRML, 3D Studio, AutoCAD 3D DXF, TrueSpace, and Wavefront (OBJ).
  • Reuse 3D Data by Using Catalog Drag & Drop.
  • Leverage Intelligence for Automatic Positioning of Parts/Assemblies.
  • Assemble/Disassemble Parts and Assemblies.
  • Position Parts/Assemblies with the Unique TriBallTM Utility Found in IronCAD Solutions.
  • Create Annotations on Imported 3D Data.
  • Realistic and Real-time Rendering and Animation Support.
  • Export to 3D Facet Formats Including 3D PDF for Extended Communication and STL for 3D Printing.
  • Scale Imported Geometry to Fit into Designs.
  • Visually Inspect Parts/Assemblies with 3D Visual Tools Such as Hide and Section.
  • Web Publish Data for Extended Communication and Visualization.

Download the full IRONCAD COMPOSE product today for free. In addition, we will also include a free 30 day trial of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite so you can experience all the other powerful 3D modeling tools IronCAD has to offer.

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