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Trim 100/130/150/200/250 | 0,8 mm

What is

TRIM is the manual cutter for every need, robust, complete, with unique technical features and available in a wide range of cutting measures. Thanks to the availability of sizes from 2 to 2.5 meters, Trim suits the business needs of small and medium digital print shops and service centers, 
in combination with large format inkjet printers or stand alone. The cutting thickness up to 0.8 mm allows you to easily trim cardstock-weight, lightweight plastics, PVC banners and many other 
printed or non-printed materials.

Main Features

Trim is equipped with a cutting unit with rotating blade in hardened steel, stainless steel fixed blade and high transparency line sheet holder for a perfect positioning. The metal parts are ainted with epoxidic powders, that guarantee high resistance to cuts and scratches.

Options and Accessories

Among the optional a removable stand for ground positioning, a reel form, a container for the collection of waiste and the integrated lamp for illuminating the cutting area.


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