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Strong Trim Pro 130/180/230 up to 4,5 mm

Manual cutting without compromise  

What is

Strong Trim Pro is at the top of the manual cutters range in terms of robustness and performance. Thanks to its professional cutting head to and the availability of cutting widths up to 2.3 meters, it can work eveyday on high-thicknesses, becoming the manual cutting system without compromise for display graphics professionals and exhibition builders.

Main Features

Strong Trim Pro is equipped with a cutting head with dual rotating blade in hardened steel, a fixed blade in painted stainless steel mounted on a rectangular sliding bar. The reinforced cutting table painted with epoxy powder guarantees the maximum resistance to cuts and scratches. The sturdy carriage moving on bearings and the bidirectional cutting capability further increase power and versatility. The cutting thickness up to 4.5 mm allows you to easily trim corrugated cardboard, plastics, foams, compact board, sandwiches and many more flexible and rigid materials. The standard version includes a stand for ground positioning, adjustable squares and a container for the collection of waste.

Options and Accessories

Among the options available are the reel-holder, the lamp for lighting the cutting are and the sheet-holder bar.


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