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Cobra A2


Target: highest quality

The expectations and requirements of our customers were vital considerations in the development of book2net Cobra. We have converted the suggestions of library staff and conservators in an exceptional product. The book2net Cobra has been designed in close cooperation with selected partners accordingly to the guidelines of the Europeana project. Equipped with the latest sensor technology we have developed a high-precision system that takes account of the special conservation requirements of sensitive historical manuscripts, books and documents, while ensuring flexibility and ease of use.


Productivity & efficiency for highest conservatory demands

Thanks to the parallel use of two high-resolution area sensors in combination with high quality optics the book2net Cobra achieves unrivaled quality. Valuable, old books deserve special attention to put their beauty in its true light. Heightened and waved surfaces, special inks and colors and especially gold coatings and platings require more than standard illumination. For these special requirements, the book2net Cobra is equipped with an additional lighting system for the glare- and shadow-free capture of specially structured surfaces, which can be integrated, mounted or controlled externally. LED illumination system provides a stable color temperature for the perfect reproduction. Thanks to the Fresnel lenses an even illumination across the whole scan area is ensured.

Book cradle

Starting from the surface of the layout section up to the spine support, a major part of the development effort has been spent on the book cradle.


PLC Control
High-precision linear drive
Variable Control:

fully automatic
time controlled
action controlled
user controlled

Programmable scan process

Unique butterfly system

Available as an option, allows scanning without additional pressure.

book scanner v shaped glassplate alternative



Features & Options

Cobra A2 Semi Robotic Standard Info
V-shaped book cradle

110o opening angle

layout section: 2 x 343 mm x 458 mm

Scanning speed 0.3 s. full format / maximal resolution
Cycle time 3.5 s. scanning + imaging + saving
LED illumination system UV and IR free
Dual LED system O  
PLC controlled V-shaped glass plate   linear actuator, adjustable pressure sensivity, integrated motion monitoring
Controller Module 1    
Controller Module 2    
Motorized height adjustment of the book table   up to 25 cm, PLC controlled spindle drive, lifts up to 180 kg
Butterfly system O   frame with adjustable clamps, keeping the book open without any stress for the pages
Manual book holding support O  
Alignment tool O illuminated subsidiary center line
Focus tool  
Legend: √ - included, O - option  

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